Beautiful Things

The Six Most Beautiful Sights

1. Light

2. A Child’s Smile

3. Water

4. the Human Form

5. Arches, particularly in cathedrals

6. Flowers

The Four Most Beautiful Sounds

1. Flowing water

2. A child’s laugh

3. wind chimes

4. the human voice, singing

God gives all created things Truth, Goodness & Beauty as co-extensive with their being, and he is the ultimate source of these things.

Reflecting on the goodness and beauty of creation (despite the evils that mar it because of Original Sin) helps me to start to imagine the beginnings of the grandeur of God.

What else is beautiful?

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Seeds of the Gospel: NYC’s Soda Ban – People know morality means discipling our desires

Mayor Bloomberg’s proposed ban on the selling of soda in sizes greater than 16 oz. has been pretty controversial and has been widely publicized on the internet. If you haven’t heard, here’s an article about it.

Before you think I’m endorsing it (based on the title) see my take at the bottom. But it’s interesting isn’t it? The goal is to help people live healthy lives by limiting the amount of damage they can do to themselves.

It makes sense, sort of. But the reason I listed it as a seed of the Gospel (or good news), is that classically, morality as been understood as the willful discipline of human desires that are disordered–that is, which don’t contribute to our overall well-being.

One obvious type of this is food. It’s pretty easy to desire a large pizza, soda, cheese fries, etc, etc when what we really need is veggies and lean protein. Of course there is also the flip side of being so focused on body-image that we don’t eat enough. Both inclinations have problems (hence they are disordered). It’s virtue that moderates between them.

So here’s part of what I think about the NYC soda ban, the mayor and people in general understand this concept of virtue-driven morality deep down inside. And they want desperately to live good, healthy (that is, moral) lives. But the catch is

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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